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5ft / 10ft / 20ft stainless steel pigeon swallow sparrow bird Spikes with flexible plastic strips (can be connnected one by one)
– One strip of 9.84″ (25cm) plastic base with 15 spikes (30 tips). 5ft includes 6 strips, 10ft includes 12 strips and 20ft includes 24 strips
– Needle dameter is 0.05″, length is 4.33″ (11CM)
– Flexible bird nest spikes can be fit for different surface)
– (long nails made of stainless steel)
-(can be used for small birds or big birds does not matter)
-(Get rid of the birds, but not hurt them) Use spikes to prevent birds from nesting
This is a harmless bird perch deterrent, very effective bird repelling method with an effective rate of 100% . Spikes will act as a deterrent, and birds will fly away to find another place to inhabit. Can be used for driving birds such as seagulls, crows, pigeons, starli, sparrows, etc. Ideal bird fence for keeping bird off of balconies, roofs, barns, commercial signs, terras, parking lots, etc.
How to use:
Use an adhesive tape
Apply the adhesive to the bottom of the flat surface. Press the spikes down firmly on the surface. Let dry. The ambient temperature should be above freezing to ensure the spikes adhere to the surface successfully.

Use wire or plastic ties
This is the recommended method when attaching the spikes to a thin surface, such as a railing, pipe or cable.

Clamps or Velcro straps
If you only want to use the bird gone spikes temporarily, clamps or Velcro strips are easy to remove.

FLEXIBLE AN HIGH QUALITY – Can only be used on the idge of the roof, balcony, etc. Unbenble
HUMANE PRODUCT THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS – Keep the pions off the roof, away from lges and from oping everhere. Even scure your fce ainst raccoons and feralcats. The spik are asy to see and a rmless, efctive detrent
PERMNENT SLUTION – Durble all-metal coercial design ensres it can be used in harh envinments and cannot be used in low tempature blizards or blzards
High resistance to corrosion and wthering – thaks to the best desgn and the best matials, thes sturdy stanless steel spiks reain intact during bliards and stoms