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Kuject Design

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With the advancement of technology, virtual reality technology breaks the constraints of space on us. “Immersion” and “Realism” will change our way of life.

Kuject upholds the idea that everyone can be better immersed in the virtual world and experience a cooler metaverse. Dedicated to the service of VR accessory products from 2020. Kuject continues to develop various peripherals for Oculus in response to the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Link Cable Accessories


Unlimited battery life cable

The smart chip and external power supply interface are adopted to

extend playtime while expanding longevity of headset’s battery.

How did this link cable come about?

We noticed that when our users want to use Quest 2 to play PC VR games for a long time, they will have puzzles as follows:

1) Using common link cable, the computer USB port only provides 5V 0.9A current, so the power supply cannot cover the power consumption.

2) Using AIR LINK will generate high-frequency information transmission and speed up the power consumption of the quest. Using a power bank can only temporarily slow down the power consumption speed.

Finally, after 6 months, we have developed this link cable with a smart chip to help users play endlessly.

Other Accessories

【Safe Charging】Exclusive smart chips are adopted to intelligently control the current input within a reasonable range to ensure the safe use of electricity and battery life. The smart chip balances the current and makes the battery always at 75% appr. when you play PCVR games
【No latency and delay】USB 3.0 port and charging port are separately working for data transmission and current input. Thus the performance for Quest 2 games will not be affected when you charge, which transfer rate can reach 5Gbps
【Compatible with original charging cable】Kuject link cables can be used directly with the original Quest 2 charging cable without additional purchase. (Note: the original charging cable and power adapter is not included)
【Kindly reminder】For the sake of safety, Kuject MT006 link cable is designed not to support fast charging while playing but could guarantee enough power while playing in 90hz mode. It is great Accessories for Quest 2