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Product Description

NX5 all in one computerNX5 all in one computer

23.8 Inch NX5 All In One Desktop Computer

23.8 inch all in one desktop computer has 4K uhd display.

8GB DDR and 512GB SSD large memory space, any file or program you want to store can be easily accommodated.

The all in one computer has a friendly operation interface and is easy to use, users do not need to put in a lot of effort to explore.

2.4g 5g wifi bluetooth2.4g 5g wifi bluetooth

Support 2.4G/5G dual WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless Functions

A true all in one computer strives to simplify all operations, and the most important thing is to eliminate unnecessary wires.

Undoubtedly, this computer has achieved it.

It has built-in 2.4G/5G dual WiFi and Bluetooth, making it easy to connect in the lower corner of the display screen, eliminating the control of messy wires by connecting to the network and other devices.

In short, the only thing users need to connect is the power cord.

Note: The standard packaging comes with a wired keyboard and mouse, but customers can replace the wireless keyboard and mouse themselves.

4K uhd display4K uhd display

Super High Quality Display

Designer hope that users can enjoy this cheap product without losing the ultimate sense of experience, so we have extremely high requirements for display screens:

23.8 inches meet the needs of most buyers and are suitable in size for almost all application scenarios.
The 2mm extremely narrow border is the limit that this computer can reach.
99% color gamut brings perfect visual enjoyment, the color transformation is smooth, clear and natural.

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More Important Functions of this Desktop Computer

Important parameters of all-in-one computerImportant parameters of all-in-one computer

Internal speaker * 2
Rich interfaces: USB 2.0 * 2, USB 3.0 * 4, HDMI Port * 1, VGA Port * 1, LAN Port * 1, Audio jack * 2
-5-15 ° screen angle adjustment.
High speed heat dissipation: heat dissipation can not only improve the running speed of the computer, but also extend its service life.

Use the AIO PCUse the AIO PC

☀️Intel Celeron N5095–Intel Celeron N5095 processor, base frequency 2Ghz, maximum frequency 2.9Ghz, support 4K@60hz. The N5105 exhibits outstanding performance on the same level of CPU, both in terms of operation, power consumption, and heat dissipation.
☀️2.4G/5G WiFI & Bluetooth–This all-in-one computer has builtin 2.4G/5G dual wifi and bluetooth wireless functions, which are not available on many ordinary desktop computers. This brings 3 advantages: 1.Users get rid of the shackles of network cables, 2.Combine bluetooth devices perfectly with this computer, such as your bluetooth headset,3.Without traditional cables, your desk will more cleaner.
☀️23.8 inch Screen–The standard 23.8 inch 1920*1080 full HD IPS display meets the needs of the vast majority of users. The screen size is appropriate, achieving visual comfort while perfectly integrating into your desk.
☀️Rich interfaces–The all in one pc has USB 3.0 port * 4, USB 2.0 port * 2, HDMI port * 1, VGA port * 1, LAN port * 1, and audio jack * 2. The rich interfaces meet your daily needs, and there are also 2 speakers inside, making it very suitable for students and business daily use!